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A Limo Bachelorette Party Is The Sure Way To Go…

Bachelorette party limo service

Is your BFF getting married? While you throw her an unforgettable launch-off celebration, it’ll spice things up even more if you include a limousine service for her bachelorette party.

Before her new life with her manly man begins, take her out with all your girlfriends and have a terrific time! Dress up, tell jokes, recall old stories, and party hard! Girls just want to have fun, right?

Do your the bride-to-be an honor and hire a limo… we’ll take you door-to-door to each of your destinations with flair. Be the center of attention everywhere you go and live it up!

When renting a limo for a bachelorette party, consider these points…

1. Party as Hard as You Want. This is your stress-free zone. When you get the best bachelorette party limousine service in Scottsdale. The traffic? We’ll deal with it for you. We’re the solution to the challenges of finding parking around town. Anywhere you need to go, we’ll take you and your party there, safely.

2. All of Your Friends Will Fit. How big is your group? Doesn’t matter… we’ve got room for you all. Even if we need to break out our badass bachelorette limo bus!

3. Be Treated Like a Queen. In the highest spirits, our chauffeurs love what they do and serve you from their heart. We screen each limo driver. Your chauffeur will open the doors for you at every stop, assist anyone who needs it, honor your schedule, and follow all traffic laws while you’re hootin’, hollerin’ and playing.

4. We’ll Assist You in Planning It. We know you’ve got great ideas for your bestie. And we’ve been doing limo bachelorette party gigs for years. We’ve seen quite a lot come through here, and we’ve been pleased to be a part of every one. There’s no shortage of ideas for what can be done. With your powers and ours combined, your party will be “the talk of town.”

Here are some great bachelorette games to play in a limo. And here are a few more once you’re out of the limo. (We’re fans of the scavenger hunt!)

5. Safety and Professionalism. Aside from making your night magical, safety and service are our top priorities. We’re the whole package!


– What kind of limo decorations are good for your bachelorette party?

Whatever kind you want!  We help you plan the party, so we’re good at suggesting decorations, collaborating on decorations, and using the ones you come up with.  If you would like our help, just give us a call at (602) 536-9116.

– How much does a limo cost for a bachelorette party? What are your prices? Do you have cheap limo rentals for such parties?

If you want “cheap” then you should probably go with a discount cab. 😉  We do have a Meet & Beat price policy, but that doesn’t mean that you can afford our Premier service with the loose change in your pocket book.

You’re buying an experience, an ambience.  You’re paying for something priceless when you use our — or any — limo service.  You want the bride-to-be to feel special, to have a great, carefree, memorable time, so as long as you’re not skipping out on your bills, it’s best to spare no expense for your soon-to-be-wed friend.

– Who pays for the limo?

Typically, the maids of honor pay for the bachelorette party.  You can also get friends and guests to chip in as well.

–  Will Scottsdale Limo handle my party invitations?

Sure we will!  More than happy to.  We’ll help you plan the whole thing, right down to bottle service in the limo itself.

– We also get asked a lot, “How much to tip a limo driver for bachelorette party?”

Generally, 20% is our standard answer. However, some of our limo packages are for many, many hours. Depending on how long you’re tearing up the town in our limousine, this can be reduced or included in the total price.

Call us now call us at 602-536-9116 and speak to our friendly customer service experts for your specific needs! All your questions will be answered.

Even if you just need some bachelorette party limo ideas, we’re here for you, so give us a call!

Or fill out the form on the right to request a quote or inquire further about our Scottsdale and Phoenix bachelorette party limo services.

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