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Limousine birthday party service or packages in Scottsdale

A Scottsdale Limo Birthday Party Package Is The Way To Go!

Surprise! It’s your friendly neighborhood birthday limousine service… greeting you on time like a clock chime, holding open your door, zipping safely around town like it’s the back of our hand.

Birthdays are better with limos. Everyone knows that.

Whether it’s your 13th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th or beyond, we’ve got birthday limo packages and ideas to satisfy every possible scenario and imagination.

Especially when we combine your ideas with our years of expertise, the power of this special day cannot be stopped!

We aim to make the whole day as enjoyable and smooth as the icing on the Name Day cake!

Make your (or that special person’s) birthday unforgettable.

Let’s cover some ground here… Where do you want to go? What do you want to do?

Part of our service is helping you plan the event.

How about the time-honored and well-loved “birthday limo scavenger hunt”?

Or maybe you just want a limo ride around town while you open gifts…

Kids love limos (as we’re sure you’re aware), and your child’s birthday party can top all the other children’s parties because of the exciting and exotic experience of a limousine ride.

Or maybe you’re a special lady, or know the lucky girl, and want a pink birthday limo. That’s great! The pinker the better!! This is congruent with a Sweet 16 celebration, as well.

So, when it comes time to celebrate a birthday, go ahead and bless Birthday Bob or ‘Nother Year Nancy with a tantalizing treat… a Birthday Limo!

You’d be surprised, but we receive calls from people asking us, “Should I rent a limo for my birthday?”

We say, absolutely yes.  But we’re biased, since this is what we love to do for “work.”

– Where to go in a limo for a birthday party?

Go anywhere you desire!  Except on water or flying high in the sky, we’ll get wherever you’d like to go.  No ideas?  Call us at (602) 536-9116 and let us get your mind buzzing with ideas.  We’ve been doing this awhile… so we’ve got a few suggestions.

How much is it to hire a limo for a birthday? Do you have cheap birthday limo rentals or any deals or specials?

The cost to rent a limo for a birthday varies by amount of time you’ll have, the vehicle you choose that’s appropriate for the size party you’ll have, and any extras. Call us and we’ll give you a free quote!

Do you have a Hummer limo available?

No, we don’t. Sorry!

Can you tell me how to decorate a limo for a a birthday?

We can! We’ve been doing this for a long time. Just give us a call at 602-536-9116 and we’ll be happy to help you.

Do you provide free limo birthday invitations?

Nope, we don’t.  But here are some places who do.

Do I just rent the limo or will you help me actually throw a limo birthday party, too?

We’ll help you actually throw the party!  Tell us what you need or desire and we’ll collaborate and enhance…

Call us at 602-536-9116 to hear in depth what we do for you to make this day truly magical!

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